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  • Jill Gamberg

Social Media And Health

For some, new followers can be seen as a popularity contest and sometimes even a type of personal validation.  However, being a doctor and working in the health industry, I am grateful to have platforms like Instagram, Facebook and my website to share important information about health, wellness, prevention of disease, and a positive mindset. This is why hitting 2000 followers was a small WIN for me. The more followers I have reading my content, the more I can share information about being healthy and caring for yourself. 

Did you know?

While millennials are highly focused on healthy living, 93% of them aren’t scheduling appointments with doctors for preventative healthcare anymore. Instead, they are only seeking urgent care when they become ill.


Increasingly, millennials will revert to contacts on social media or blog posts in order to seek assistance or advice when facing a health issue.  Although a lot of information has become readily available, this can be a very risky practise as not all information is accurate or even current.  Make sure you verify the source of your health information (ie. who wrote it? Is it a doctor, or dietitian, or scientist, etc)

When you are faced with any sort of health issue, feel free to do some research with blog posts and articles – however make sure that you are also seeking direct professional advice for your issue.

Side Note: In todays’ society it can be especially difficult not to get caught up in the hype of social media – and to become affected by the “highlight reel” of others’ around you. Be sure to keep on track with your own personal goals, try not to compare yourself to others on social media, and always be kind.

Please encourage your friends and family to connect with me on social media platforms, stay informed and ask questions!

Instagram: @drjillgamberg Facebook: DrJillGamberg

Thank you for reading. I’d love to discuss more, be sure to leave comments & feedback in the section below.

Dr Jill.


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