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“My passion is to improve health literacy. Helping people sort out the difference between evidence-based information and mis-information. Finding a balanced routine including regular physical activity, sound nutrition, quality sleep, loving relationships, and less stress. Involving your doctor in your care to help prevent disease, and maintain the wellness of body and mind”   


-  Dr Jill Gamberg     

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Interview with The Australian

Everyone over the age of 12 is now eligible for a COVID-19 vaccination

I am excited to have been interviewed by @the.australian to talk about 12-15 year olds now being eligible for the Pfizer  vaccine.


Vaccinating adolescents will contribute to a reduction in transmission in the broader population. It will decrease further disruption to learning. It will decrease school outbreaks and closures. There will be less disruptions in sports, activities and socialising. 
Importantly, protection of adolescents may benefit their mental health and positively affect well-being.

Dr Jill Gamberg is now working at Woollahra Family Medical Practice in addition to her coaching services.



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